There has been a growing recognition of the importance of the role that Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) play in the economic development in Tanzania. However, accessing legal services is consistently reported as one of the major obstacles to Tanzanian MSME’s growth and development. It is estimated that less than 15% of the MSME’s have access to direct legal services. Majority of the MSME’s are informally operated and with no clear understanding on the business laws and their procedures. Generally, the obstacle of access to legal service faced by the MSME’s can be categorized into three main challenges – Limited knowledge of commercial doctrines; cumbersome business laws and procedures; and complicated, bureaucratic and costly dispute resolution mechanisms.

Lighthouse (EA) Legal Clinic (LEALC) is of confidence that the business community, especially the MSME’s, are entitled and vested with inherent right to commercial justice and privileges, among others, including accessing basic legal services and intelligence so as to boost their daily operation and existence in accordance with the law. Hence, LEALC purpose is to support the protection of the rights and interest of business community, especially MSME’s, in Tanzania, through promotion and facilitation of commercial law intelligence and delivery of basic corporate legal services. Their intellect is updated and supported by improving their understanding of the commercial law and justice, and they are operating in conducive environment free from self-made legal barriers and constraints.